VIAVI Introduces New Testing Device For Troubleshooting Multiple Networks


Quick and robust, the NSC (Network & Service Companion) is a screenless device for fast deployment and maintenance of multiple networks

With an increase in pace of global broadband network deployment, field technicians need to troubleshoot multiple types of networks and services. And validating the network plus the service distribution quickly, comprehensively and correctly has always been a challenge for techinicians and contractors.

To solve this, Viavi Solutions, a global provider of network test and monitoring solutions has launched the NSC-100 (Network & Service Companion). The NSC-100 integrates passive optical network (PON), Ethernet and Wi-Fi test capabilities together with the automated test process known as VIAVI OneCheck. This compact, rugged device addresses service provider demands for an instrument that frontline technicians and contractors of any skill level can pick up and begin using for quick deployment and maintenance of residential, small business and enterprise Ethernet network.


Robust for testing a range of network environments

Designed to validate present and future gigabit services, the compact, handheld Network & Service Companion tests both network delivery and service performance. The NSC-100 is capable to test a range of network environments such as PON (for FTTH and 5G xHaul), DOCSIS 3.1 (cable), xDSL and Gfast (telco), and Ethernet (enterprise, data center and metro).

It features a robust screenless design and can be operated directly via the VIAVI Mobile Tech app or paired with other VIAVI test instruments. Instruments that can be paired with the NSC-100 include the OneExpert CATV and DSL analysis platforms, SmartOTDR, T-BERD/MTS-2000 and 4000 fiber testers, T-BERD/MTS-5800 Metro network tester and NITRO vNet Fusion virtual test and activation.

The Network & Service Companion uses the VIAVI OneCheck automated test process to ensure a technician completes all necessary tests while on site. The NSC-100 is further supported by StrataSync, a cloud-based solution that provides configuration, and test data management for VIAVI instruments.

“VIAVI has helped the world’s leading communication service providers to deploy all the major network technologies, and we are deeply aligned on their technical and their operational requirements,” said Kevin Oliver, Vice President and General Manager, Converged Instruments and Virtual Test, VIAVI. “Efficiency is the watchword of the Network & Service Companion. We designed it so a technician can pinpoint service performance issues in under a minute, and close out tickets on the first visit, optimizing time, expense and subscriber satisfaction, even as networks and services get ever more complex.”

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