Ultra Electronics USSI Launches Low Cost Sonobuoy Receiver


Ultra Electronics USSI’s LCSR will support naval laboratories and engineering in their continued advancement of anti-submarine warfare technology

Ultra Electronics Undersea Sensor Systems, Inc. (USSI) announced the development and launch of a Low Cost Sonobuoy Receiver (LCSR). This sonobuoy receiver is developed for engineering and laboratory bench purposes.



While reducing the cost per channel for affordability to the end user, the LCSR permits engineering test, development and evaluation in a field and laboratory environment in order to enhance both anti-submarine warfare (ASW) and sonobuoy technology.

The newly designed LCSR, for reception and remote control of sonobuoys, is use in laboratory environments, short range field testing and production line testing.

Features of Ultra Electronics – USSI LCSR:

  • LCSR is available in a 1, 2, or 4 channel version
  • A single 1RU rackmount enclosure
  • 110 VAC/60 Hz power
  • Command signal generator software application
  • Fully compatible with the Navy standard SDSR manufactured by Ultra Electronics Flightline Systems, as well as the SSQ-36, SSQ-53, SSQ-62, SSQ-101, SSQ-113, and SSQ-125/125A sonobuoys

The new receiver’s on-board signal capture, demodulation, signal quality monitoring, and output data formatter provide stand-alone capability which only requires the user’s personal computer for configuration and data capture. The flexibility of the system allows processing resources to focus more on data analysis and less on operation.

Patrick Allison, Vice President Business Development of USSI commented – “USSI is proud to develop and field the LCSR which will complement the over five thousand Ultra Electronics installed sonobuoy receivers around the world and support naval laboratories and engineering in their continued advancement of ASW technology .”

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Company Profile

Ultra Electronics USSI is an industry leader in the design, development, and production of advanced electronics, acoustics, fuel cells and integrated sensor systems. Ultra applies electronic and software technologies in demanding and critical environments ranging from military applications, through safety-critical devices in aircraft, to nuclear controls and sensor measurement.



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