The Right Monitoring Device To Wirelessly Transmit Diagnostic Data


National Instruments (NI), the world leader in high-performance automated test and automated measurement systems has come up with a unique monitoring system for industrial applications. In an interaction with Brett Burger, Principal Marketing Manager | Monitoring Solutions at National Instruments, Rahul Chopra, Editorial Director, EFY Group, provides some interesting insights on how NI is making inroads into the IIoT market through highly targeted solutions…

Brett Burger, Principal Marketing Manager | Monitoring Solutions at National Instruments

1. Last year, NI had released the InsightCM, a software tool designed to integrate data streams from different IIoT devices (or sensors).

2. In other words, InsightCM is a software platform to integrate reports from different RIOs. But the RIOs are expensive, and hence are justified investments where assets are of high value, or highly critical.


3. This however, leaves out a lot of assets at customers’ sites which are not catered to, by NI. And, perhaps could lead to customers seeking out other solution providers to give them a comprehensive solution.

4. To bridge that gap, NI announced its own vibration & temperature sensors at the recently concluded NIWeek 2019, which has its own gateways that could connect their sensor (or others) over BLE and send the data to the InsightCM.

5. The “wireless” aspect of these sensors and gateways made a significant contribution towards reducing the installation cost. (As per NI estimates, cabling for data and power can contribute up to 50% of a typical installation cost!)

6. This package of InsightCM plus wire-less gateway plus wire-less sensors has been successful at a plant of a leading energy supplier of Texas (USA), and hence a tried & tested solution for electricity generation units. But, wherever there are turbines, motors or machines to be tracked for “predictive” maintenance, NI’s package could be reviewed as an option.

7. And, to expand their footprint in this segment, NI is open to partnering with system-integrators who have expertise in these domains.

NI’s Wireless Vibration Measurement Device

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What’s your take? Do you think such an integrated solution is what the customers need?

PS: For now, due to different certifications involved with RF transmission, NI is supplying this solution only in the USA, but plan to expand to other geographies soon.



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