Test Solutions Solve 5G Test Challenges For NEMs

Solutions speed delivery of secure, reliable, cost-effective 5G products


Keysight is demonstrating a wide range of solutions to speed delivery of secure, reliable 5G products for Network Equipment Manufacturers (NEMs) at MWC 2018. These solutions range from physical layer to full UE protocol emulation capabilities, enabling network equipment manufacturers and mobile operators to conduct comprehensive testing of 5G NR base stations.

“NEMs building 5G base stations need to integrate complex multi-channel antenna arrays over expanded frequencies. They also need to deliver lower latencies and support a wide range of machine to machine user behaviors”, Keysight noted.

The company’s solutions include a unique 5G NR-ready testbed using the commercially available 5G NR software solutions — covering downlink and uplink signal creation and analysis for performing base station transmitter/receiver and power amplifier, as well as component test.


Keysight’s 5G NR software includes W1906EP SystemVue 5G baseband verification library to simulate a 3GPP NR system with built-in channel model, and different phased array structure on both the transmitter and receiver side. The N7631C Signal Studio Pro for 5G NR allow customers to generate 3GPP 5G NR standard-compliant signals for testing transmitters and receivers with channel coding and multi-antenna port support.

The Keysight 89600 VSA option BHN for 5G NR modulation analysis offers in-depth physical layer testing and troubleshooting of NR base station transmitters and components. The 89600 VSA software can also be used to analyze 5G NR and LTE signals simultaneously for LTE-NR integration and coexistence testing.

Keysight is also showcasing the company’s UE Emulation (UEE) solution, which provides powerful and flexible test capabilities including protocol and load testing for base stations.

In the announcement, Keysight noted: “Test departments are being pressured to do more with less. The days of operating with a spreadsheet and gut feel on how test assets are being utilized are no longer sustainable.”

To overcome these challenges, the company is introducing Test Asset Optimization Services to help companies move from tracking to gaining full control over their test equipment. The solution offers real-time test-asset utilization, equipment health status, and overall recommendations on areas for savings. The solution provides actionable transparency on multi-brand test assets that enable companies to make informed decisions on current and future procurement needs.

More information: https://about.keysight.com/en/newsroom/pr/2018/26feb-nr18018.shtml



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