Anritsu has announced new NB-IoT software options to further strengthen the functions of its popular Universal Wireless Test Set MT8870A. These application software packages can be used to simplify test program creation and automate measurement, cutting customers’ test software development time by about 90%.

Anritsu’s new NB-IoT Uplink Tx Measurement MX887067A software and NB-IoT Downlink Waveforms MV887067A package now support 3GPP RF measurement tests for NB-IoT devices.

Installing the developed NB-IoT measurement software (NB-IoT Uplink Tx Measurement MX887067A and NB-IoT Downlink Waveforms MV887067A) in the MT8870A supports fast and easy 3GPP NB-IoT RF tests, including power, frequency, modulation accuracy, Rx sensitivity, etc.

“The MT8870A is a measuring instrument for mass-production of wireless communication devices, including 2G/3G/LTE/LTE-A, W-LAN, Bluetooth, GPS, FM, etc., technologies. Up to four high-performance test units can be installed in one main chassis, with each unit performing completely independent parallel measurements to evaluate up to four wireless communications devices simultaneously.”


Additionally, these same options are bundled with a PC application supporting signal analysis to assist customers with development work and design testing.

Moreover, a fully automatic measurement application is provided for controlling measuring instruments and chipsets at prototyping and mass-production testing.

Anritsu expects this NB-IoT measurement solution to help promote the spread of IoT devices.

“NB-IoT devices are expected to spread rapidly as carriers in N. America, Europe, and China start to deploy services, followed by Japan in 2018. Related issues for device suppliers are how to cut device costs by improving measurement efficiency”, Anritsu noted.

“To solve these issues, Anritsu worked with chipset vendors to develop a turnkey system supporting fully automatic measurement. In addition, the released options make full use of optimization technology developed as a manufacturing solution for 2G/3G/4G terminals and have been developed as a multi-device test solution for cutting measurement costs per device as far as possible”, the firm claimed.

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