Test Chamber For High Performance Automotive Radar-on-Chip (ROC)


They form a unique and innovative far-field testing solution for reliable and reproducible verification of radar sensors

R&S ATS1500C

Automotive radar is essential for achieving progress in the advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) needed for future generations of driverless vehicles. Therefore, at Productronica 2019 in Munich, Rohde & Schwarz gave an early preview of its new solution for testing next generation automotive radar sensors. The test system consists of the new, compact R&S ATS1500C automotive radar test chamber for far-field testing, in combination with the R&S AREG100A automotive radar echo generator for precise radar target simulation at various distances.

The R&S ATS1500C features a highly accurate compact antenna test range (CATR) reflector that generates a 30 cm diameter zone for testing in the frequency range from 77 – 81 GHz. Its high-precision 3D tilt positioner is suitable for testing of premium automotive radars.

Precise calibration and verification for safer ADAS


The solution enabled the precise calibration and verification of Uhnder’s new automotive radar-on-chip (RoC) that performs with a mission to redefine key technologies for safer ADAS driving. The new technology behind Uhnder’s 4D digitally modulated radar chip offers groundbreaking performance by integrating 192 virtual channels, as compared to 8 – 24 virtual channels used in today’s standard radars. With a processing power of more than 20 TeraOPS, high number of detections per frame can be achieved makes for tracking and classifying objects, despite using less than 8 watts of power. The Uhnder RoC also leads high contrast resolution (HCR) technology, which significantly improves range and angular resolution in order to separate small radar reflectors from large reflectors in proximity. This permits a more accurate and safe reaction time and paves way for advanced ADAS functions for driverless vehicles.

Uhnder’s new automotive radar-on-chip (RoC)

Holger Gryska, Market Segment Manager Automotive Radar at Rohde & Schwarz, says: “The joint effort with Uhnder shows how T&M expertise and industry-leading experience can generate true innovation. Both companies are known to be pioneers that excel in their fields, further advancing technologies on the road towards fully autonomous driving.”

Ralf Reuter, Fellow and Senior Director of Customer and Applications Engineering at Uhnder, says, “Rohde & Schwarz was our partner of choice for developing this new technology. Our 4D digitally modulated RoC has special testing requirements and having a partner with the necessary expertise, precision and agility was vital for us. We were able to meet and even surpass our performance targets for our product and take the next step towards the truly driverless future.”



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