Teledyne’s Open-Source Software Tool For Fixing Signal Integrity Issues


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  • Capable of providing error-free and high-speed data communication signals
  • Engineers from a wide variety of engineering sectors can make use of it

In order to avoid signal integrity issues in a world of rapid data transfer rates (of the order Gbps), engineers must have superior tools for decisive simulation, modelling and measurement of real-time signals.

Electronic test and measurement solutions company, Teledyne LeCroy, has announced the availability of an open-source software tool called Signal Integrity, which is capable of solving signal integrity issues that are experienced by design and test engineers.

Error-free & high-speed data transmission

Signal integrity refers to error-free and high-speed data communication signals of PCBs, cables, connectors and other high-speed interconnecting devices. Normally, engineers employ complex, microwave techniques to transmit error-free and high-speed data. But with Teledyne LeCroy’s state-of-the-art Serial Data Analyzers, Signal Integrity Network Analyzers and Signal Integrity Studio Software, several signal integrity issues can be efficiently dealt with and the above task can be achieved in minimal time.

Unmatched provision


The new Signal Integrity software combined with Teledyne LeCroy’s WavePulser 40iX High-Speed Interconnect Analyzer, which is an ideal measurement tool for high-speed hardware designers and test engineers, provides an unmatched characterization of high-speed interconnects.

Suitable for wide engineering sectors

Engineers involved in computer, semiconductor and consumer electronics, data storage, automotive, industrial, military, aerospace and telecommunication sectors have an active task of testing, designing and understanding signal integrity on protocols such as Gigabit Ethernet, Infiniband, Fibre Channel, USB, HDMI and SATA. With Teledyne LeCroy’s open-source software, engineers can now immediately access Signal Integrity source code, modify and extend it to aid their test and design work. The software can also be used for linear circuit and system simulation solving for interconnected circuits and s-parameter blocks, de-embedding, virtual probing and viewing s-parameter files.


The open-source software Signal Integrity is published in the Python Packaging Index (PyPI). As of now, more than 1500 users have downloaded the Python-based software since it has been made available. It can be downloaded from here.

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