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Modern 6½-Digit Touchscreen Bench/System Digital Multimeter

A touchscreen bench/production test DMM with more measurement capability - including transient capture, data visualization, and analysis – at the price of other 6½-digit...

element14 Launches New Keysight DAQ970A Data Acquisition System

The new data acquisition system has high-quality switching and an advanced 6 ½ digit Digital Multimeter (DMM) built-in that allows you to measure accurately element14,...

Multimeter Spots Electrical Faults Quickly & Easily

FLIR Systems has announced industrial, all-in-one True RMS digital multimeters and thermal imagers that can show you exactly where a hot spot or temperature...

Portable DMM Racing Forward, Benchtop DMM Holding On

Since their inception in the 1960s, digital multimeters (DMMs) have undergone many changes. With features like auto-ranging, infrared (IR) and surface-temperature measurements integrated into...

What is New in Multimeters

A multimeter for an electronics engineer is as essential as a stethoscope is for a physician. It is an extremely useful, indispensable diagnostic tool...

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