Spectrum Analyzer Combines Three Key RF Test instruments

spectrum analyzer

Three most common and useful piece of test equipment used by radio frequency engineers are spectrum analyzer, signal generator, and vector network analyzer. The new R&S FPC spectrum analyzer FPC1500 from Rohde & Schwarz is truly unique as it combines these three pieces of equipment in one budget-friendly instrument. Aside from that, it occupies only one bench space and requires a single investment and a single calibration to obtain the specified measurement performance, according to the firm.

Investment protection, high resolution, and easy control – these traits make the R&S FPC spectrum analyzer a perfect tool for university laboratories, research institutions as well as production or service locations.

Spectrum analyzer


The base model of the R&S FPC1500 has a frequency range of 5 kHz to 1 GHz. Keycode options unlock higher frequency ranges up to 3 GHz or enable other measurement application features when required. Upgrades are activated immediately when the keycodes are entered, and there is no need for upgrade calibration.

For applications requiring a high sensitivity to characterize extremely weak signals, the R&S FPC1500 offers a low noise floor level of –150 dBm (typ.), which can be further extended to –165 dBm (typ.) through an optional, keycode-activated preamplifier.

Its high maximum input power allows users to measure RF signals up to +30 dBm (1 W).

This combination of high sensitivity and high input power level gives the R&S FPC1500 an exceptionally wide measurement dynamic range.

In addition, the R&S FPC1500 offers the best measurement and display resolution in its class: 1 Hz RBW and 10.1” (1366×768 pixels). It displays signals in razor-sharp detail.

Network analyzer

An internal VSWR bridge allows the R&S FPC1500 to perform reflection measurements. This allows users to measure impedance on antennas or RF circuits with the Smith chart display or use distance-to-fault measurements to detect faulty locations on a long RF cable. There is no need to mount and dismount an external VSWR bridge when switching between the spectrum analyzer and network analyzer modes.

Signal generator

The FPC1500 is a signal generator due to the unique independent source principle. Not only does it provide standard tracking generator functionality, it can also be used in free or coupled CW modes.

The R&S FPC1500 spectrum analyzer is now available

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