Software for Swift and Reliable Measurement of Electromagnetic Disturbances

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Rohde & Schwarz significantly increases the functionality of R&S ELEKTRA EMC test software to speed the development and certification of commercial, automotive and A&D products

emc testRohde & Schwarz has introduced additional options for the existing R&S ELEKTRA EMC test software to cover even more applications. With an extensive automated execution of EMI tests, R&S ELEKTRA will help lab operators and EMC engineers who work in a wide variety of industries or for test houses and regulatory authorities save time and effort in the development and certification of commercial, automotive and A&D products, according to the firm.

Easy-to-use Software for Measuring Electromagnetic Disturbances

The company said that the new R&S ELEKTRA EMC test software fully automates electromagnetic interference (EMI) tests. It also covers electromagnetic susceptibility (EMS) to address both product development and certification in line with international standards. Making the most of today’s powerful EMC testing instruments, users can now boost testing efficiency in EMC labs.


The collection of predefined libraries for common EMC standards and automatic detection of connected instruments enable users to get started testing quickly.

An important feature of the software is the sleek, modern graphic user interface (GUI) optimized for high-resolution screens and touch operation on handheld devices. It provides instant access to important functions without having to navigate through several windows. A dashboard with favorite items, keyword search, tagging and filtering of key elements ensures that users maintain an overview of their current work. Parallel test execution and preparation of test plans with the new EUT test plan editor boost efficiency. Test plans and results reporting focus on the EUT as the core part of testing and speed up testing.


The R&S ELEKTRA EMC test software is now available from Rohde & Schwarz.

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