Software Enhances Satcom RF Test Equipment


Looking to improve the performance of its Satcom RF Test Equipment, AtlantecRF has introduced a new software, LTTConnecT 1.0, at Satellite 2018. LTTconnecT offers the ultimate user experience by improving the connectivity and control of the company’s range of Satellite Simulators, Loop Test Translators, Signal Generators and Noise Generators as well as other products being developed at AtlanTecRF’s Braintree R&D facility.

Software enhances the connectivity and control of Satcom RF test equipment and systems.

Speaking at the satellite 2018 show in Washington DC, Geoff Burling, CEO of AtlanTecRF said: “LTTconnecT propriety software sits at the heart of all Satcom RF test products putting the user in complete control of the equipment’s performance.”


About the functioning of the software, the announcement stated: “The software offers the user an intuitive and easy method of controlling the internal architecture of the equipment in order to set the desired equipment performance. The user sees an immediate response to commands with the front panel display refreshed each 50mS. A simplified command structure is included to facilitate remote operation via TCP/IP.”

Key features of the software include:-

  • The software incorporates both parallel and serial bus controlling features to accommodate the varied demands from the range of parts it controls.
  • The software features non-volatile memory to offer the same setup conditions when powered on and off (frequency, Attenuation, etc)
  • The software design allows the user to re-configure limits and operations of the equipment to best suit their needs
  • The software offers complete flexibility to ensure product feel and use matches expectations

LTTconnecT will be deployed across the complete range of Satcom equipment including Satellite Simulators, Loop Test Translators, Signal Generators and Noise Generators.

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