Software Boosts Design For Reliability For Analog/Mixed-signal Chips

Analog chip Design-for-Reliability Solution addresses reliability challenges across the product lifecycle 


The reliability of electronic components is paramount in many mission-critical applications from automotive and medical to aerospace and defense. In these applications, designing the chips to meet requirements across the entire product lifecycle has become a huge challenge for designers. Cadence has unveiled a new software tool that provides analog chip designers with the tools they need to ensure their design’s reliability throughout the product lifecycle, from initial test through active life through aging.

The new Legato Reliability Solution meets the challenges of designing high-reliability analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits (ICs) for automotive, medical, industrial, and aerospace and defense applications.

Some of them include eliminating the test escapes that become field failures early in the life cycle, preventing thermal overstress from operating in extreme conditions like under the hood of a car, and designing for 15 years or more of operating lifetime.


The solution is based on the golden, trusted Cadence Spectre Accelerated Parallel Simulator and the Cadence Virtuoso custom IC design platform. It integrates capabilities into an intuitive cockpit to address the reliability concerns of the three phases of the product lifecycle:

  • Analog defect analysis accelerates analog defect simulation by up to 100X, reducing test cost and eliminating test escapes, the main source of early failure in IC designs
  • Electro-thermal analysis avoids premature failures due to thermal overstress during the product’s useful life
  • Advanced aging analysis enables accurate prediction of product wear-out by analyzing aging acceleration due to temperature and process variation.

Commenting on the new solution, Dieter Härle, project manager, Infineon Austria, stated: “Analog defect simulation is becoming very important for us to meet our customers’ expectations. We tested the Legato Reliability Solution and were able to accelerate the simulation time by a factor of more than 100. We verified the solution and plan to adopt it for use in our production flow.”

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