Smart Sensor For Monitoring Concrete Temperature In Construction Work


Specially built for tough conditions, this robust sensor efficiently measures, monitors and collects data, all in real-time

With a portfolio of portable technologies for measuring and monitoring corrosion of concrete buildings, Giatec Scientific, a Canada-based company involved in developing non-destructive quality testing and real-time data collection devices, introduces a unique solution for improved construction work.

Its embedded sensor called SmartRock allows workers to monitor the corrosion of metal bars/rods in real-time, even when the concrete is hard enough to be penetrated by any drilling. The data can then be acquired with the help of a smartphone.

How it works


SmartRock is a square, palm-sized sensor device that operates on wireless technology. It is generally placed where the concrete mix is to be poured (approximately few inches from the exterior surface). This distance ensures the signal strength is powerful enough to pass through a thick surface and be detected by a smartphone or a tablet.

As soon as the concrete mix is poured over and left to settle down, the sensor begins real-time monitoring of the concrete temperature and strength.

The user can then obtain data through the mobile app installed on the smartphone at time intervals of 30 or less. The app displays the history of temperature variations in the concrete which can be used to study its strengthening process. The battery on the sensor can last up to four months. Data is stored in the memory of the sensor.

Aali R. Alizadeh, Co-Founder of Giatec Scientific says, “The sensor is fully embedded in the concrete with no wires coming out like the traditional types of sensors and the sensor is actually secured in the concrete.”

He adds that the end users can download the data in real-time and make decisions on the spot.

The sensor uses Bluetooth technology that has been customized for use in the sensor and can transmit signals to an app on smartphones or tablet up to eight metres away.

Since its release, the product has been on approximately 3,800 projects worldwide in 45 countries.

How does it help

The sensors can help workers decide whether or not it is safe to remove the covering from a concrete mix after it has sufficiently hardened in a construction project. Data from the sensor is also transferred to Giatec’s cloud server and can be shared with other team members.

Giatec Scientific is on a mission to make jobsites and construction smarter and more connected as well as bringing IoT (Internet of Things) applications to the construction sector and making everything connected.



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