Selective Radiation Meter For Safety Measurements In EM Fields

Radiation Meter combines the analysis features of a spectrum analyzer with the simplicity of a wideband measuring set.


The SRM-3006 (Selective Radiation Meter) from Narda Saftey Test Solutions is a handy frequency-selective measuring system for safety analysis and environmental measurements in high-frequency electromagnetic fields in the frequency range from 9 kHz to 6 GHz.

“It is ideal for measuring absolute and limit values of high-frequency electromagnetic fields such as those due to broadcast radio (AM, FM), TV (analog, DVB-T), BOS (Tetra), mobile telecommunications (GSM, UMTS), radar, and wireless communications (WiMax, WLAN).”

A key benefit of the SRM is it offers application-oriented operating modes unlike an “adapted” spectrum analyzer. These include Spectrum Analysis, Safety Evaluation, UMTS P-CPICH Demodulation, Level Recorder, and Scope. For example:-

  • ‘Safety Evaluation’ with automatic evaluation of individual services such as analog TV, digital radio (DVB-T, DAB), cellular telephony (GSM, UMTS, LTE), and wireless (WLAN, WiMAX) as well as a summary of the results as a total value.
  • ‘Level Recorder’ mode, which allows even pulsed radar signals to be recorded numerically.
  • ‘Scope’, with its display of field characteristic versus time.

The resolution bandwidths are also tailored to the application. The SRM can select one narrow GSM channel or record the entire width of a DVB-T channel with this feature.


The SRM-3006 provides user support through reliable automated features such as range selection or setting a suitable resolution bandwidth (RBW). Results are displayed in physical units such as V/m, A/m, W/cm2, or as logarithmic quantities such as dBμV, or directly as a percentage of the permitted limit value. The device can still convert the results even after the measurement is completed. You don’t need to be a

Additionally, the SRM-3006 offers a complete measuring system. The SRM-3006 basic unit detects and takes account of antenna and calibration data automatically, eliminating a common source of errors.

A further advantage is all measuring antennas in the SRM family are mutually compatible. Antennas from other manufacturers can also be used with the Narda SRM-3006.

SRM 3006 units are available with Livingston India Pvt Ltd. For rental and second-hand purchase, please contact:

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