R&S IQW Wideband I/Q Data Recorder Offers Field-to-Lab Tests

  • Simulates signal acquisition in real-world test environments
  • Supports recording and replaying signal bandwidths up to 200 MHz and sampling rates up to 250 MS/s

Users of R&S FSV signal and spectrum analyzer and R&S SMBV100A or R&S SGT 100A vector signal generator can now do field-to-lab testing using the R&S IQW100. 

They can record signals acquired by the analyzer in any environment and then replay them using the generator. These acquired signals are transferred and stored in the R&S IQW100 using the standard digital I/Q interface available with selected R&S equipment. To regenerate the recorded signal, the data is again transferred using the same standard R&S digital I/Q interface to the signal generator. Signals with a maximum bandwidth of 160 MHz, with a sampling rate up to 200 MS/s are supported. These are suitable for all WLAN/WiFi signals and all mobile standards.


Double usage


The R&S IQW100 can also be used with the high-end R&S FSW signal and spectrum analyzer and R&S SMW200A vector signal generator. In addition to the standard R&S digital I/Q interface, the R&S IQW100 also includes the high-speed R&S HS DIG IQ interface, which is supported by the high-end analyzer and generator. With this equipment, a maximum bandwidth of 200 MHz can be supported along with a sampling rate of up to 250 MS/s.


Typical applications for the R&S IQW100 are signals for cellular communication, EME, GNSS, or radio or TV broadcast.


Both the R&S IQW and R&S IQW100 are conventionally operated via LAN to input SCPI commands or using a web-based GUI that automatically adapts to the current screen size. Alternatively, they can be operated locally either using a 14.4 cm (5.7 inches) TFT touchscreen or by connecting a keyboard and mouse.



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