Rohde & Schwarz Presents New Portable Monitoring Receiver


Lightweight and highly efficient signal processing capabilities make it perfect for field applications requiring longer time durations  

Rohde & Schwarz, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of RF engineering and test and measurement products, has launched the new R&S PR200 portable monitoring receiver. It is an indispensable tool for regulatory authorities, mobile network operators, police forces, military units and other security organisations. Using the portable receiver, they can search for and analyse known and unknown radio emissions and localise signal sources.



The R&S PR200 has a wide frequency range of 8 kHz to 8 GHz (up to 18 GHz with the HF907DC SHF handheld antenna with integrated downconverter). Thanks to its high linearity and effective preselection, the receiver is suitable for handling complex signals. To prevent overloading and adapt to any given situation, the receiver offers automatic gain control (AGC) to attenuate or amplify the input signal.

The R&S PR200 performs signal processing in two separate paths, each with up to 40 MHz realtime bandwidth. This enables simultaneous spectrum display and analysis in the frequency domain, as well as signal display and demodulation in the time domain. The R&S PR200 reliably detects signals, thus ensuring nothing goes undetected.

At only 3.5 kg, the receiver can operate for longer time durations, making it perfect for field operations. The receiver offers various display options, markers and other tools for signal analysis.

The R&S PR200 offers recording functions for a wide range of documentation purposes and signal analysis. Example, the receiver can record and display measured values, such as amplitude, bearing, spectrum and demodulated audio information of a received signal over a prolonged period,. A snapshot of the I/Q signal with up to 60 million samples is also possible. Another important feature is the additional DF function in combination with the R&S MobileLocator. This combination enables effective geolocation of all radio emissions even in difficult environments, such as dense urban areas.

“The R&S PR200 features excellent RF characteristics combined with innovative signal processing and outstanding ease of use”, says Jörg Pfitzner, Director of Product Management, Rohde & Schwarz Monitoring and Network Testing Division. “The R&S PR200 is the successor to the R&S PR100, with similar appearance, size and weight. However, it is a completely new product and better than its predecessor in many regards. Following the R&S EB100, R&S EB200 and R&S PR100, which are already deployed with many customers, the R&S PR200 is the fourth generation of portable receivers from Rohde & Schwarz.”

Visit R&S PR200, R&S MobileLocator, R&S EB200 and R&S PR100 for more information.



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