PXIe Radio Test Set Covers Emerging LMR, Aerospace/Defense MilCom


Keysight has developed new “PXIe Radio Test Set” that offers audio and RF frequency coverage from 100kHz to 6 GHz and modulation bandwidth up to 160 MHz for generation and analysis of simple to complex waveforms. These are used in emerging LMR (land mobile radio) and aerospace and defense MilCom applications.

In the announcement, the firm said it has partnered with Avionics Interface Technologies (AIT) in offering two PXI Avionics Interface Bus Modules to address the needs of avionics communications customers.

The M3406A MIL-STD 1553 Interface Module and the M3407A ARINC 429 Interface Module, which can simulate and monitor with record/playback of bus traffic for verification of avionics data communications equipment.


The instrument is designed in response to the demand of field radios that serve as a crucial lifeline for warfighters, firefighters and peace-keepers.

The M8920A has a scalable modular architecture for efficient and complete test development and execution needed for manufacturing and radio maintenance depot environments. It also supports general-purpose measurements and commercial standards (e.g., LTE, WLAN, and Bluetooth) to test military communications (MilCom), Land Mobile Radio (LMR), and avionics radio systems.

More information: https://about.keysight.com/en/newsroom/backgrounders/NBPXIeRT/



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