Precise Disturbance Generator For CAN/CAN FD Networks


Vector launches a new flexible and compact test platform for CAN/CAN FD (controller area network flexible data rate) networks

There is an increasing demand to be able to transmit more data inside the vehicle to achieve the functionality required for modern cars. CAN FD is a widely used communications protocol that fulfills the increasing demands for bandwidth and cost-effective communication with sensors and electronic control units (ECUs). Vector has launched the VH6501 generator to equip engineers with a flexible yet compact tool for CAN FD testing. The VH6501 produces precise and predictable disturbances for the testing of CAN (FD) networks.

Precise and Reproducible Disturbances of CAN/CAN FD Networks

The VH6501 is a flexible yet compact CAN/CAN FD disturbance hardware and a network interface for CANoe combined in one device.


“In particular, the combination of disturbance hardware and network interface allows very simple test setups for CAN/CAN FD conformance tests without an additional network interface or a special cable”, said the firm.

VH6501 hardware lets developers produce a wide variety of digital and analog disturbances precisely and reproducibly to automatically test the error handling of ECUs. It can be used as a normal interface for CANoe, or the fault functionality can be controlled via CAPL (Communication Access Programming Language) integrated in CANoe. Due to this tight CANoe connection, test setups with residual bus simulation can be set up easily without additional hardware.

The CAPL API allows users to configure short circuits in the CAN signal lines, interchanging cables, and modifying R/C network parameters for analog interference. For digital disturbances, almost any digital interference sequences and extensive triggering conditions can be defined. The VH6501 can, therefore, be used to check the controller behavior during a bus-off or measuring the sampling time.

Overview of Advantages

  • Disturbance hardware and network interface combined in one compact USB device
  • Extensive trigger sources and disturbance types
  • Fine granular output of complex disturbances
  • External trigger output
  • Seamless CANoe integration
  • CAPL functions for test automation
  • Analog/digital I/O functionality
  • Connection for external time synchronization

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