PicoScope 5000D Oscilloscopes Win Elektra 2018 “Test Product of the Year” award


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The PicoScope 5000D Series is an ideal, cost-effective scope for many applications including design, research, test, education, service, and repair.

Pico Technology, a manufacturer of PC-based test & measurement instruments, announced that its PicoScope 5000D Series has won the Elektra 2018 Test Product of the Year award, presented at the European Electronics Industry Awards event in London. These oscilloscopes won against competition from Keysight Technologies, Red Pitaya, Qoitech and Smiths Interconnect.

The company claims that these new oscilloscopes give designers and test engineers the versatility they need to make measurements on the wide range of waveforms encountered in today’s embedded systems.

More about the PicoScope 5000D MSO


Introduced on 4th June 2018 the 5000D Series builds on the previous generation PicoScope 5000A/B Series flexible resolution oscilloscopes.

According to the announcement, PicoScope 5000D MSO models add 16 digital channels, providing the ability to accurately time-correlate analog and digital channels. Digital channels may be grouped and displayed as a bus with each bus value displayed in binary, hex, decimal or level (for DAC testing). Advanced triggers can be set across both the analog and digital channels.

These oscilloscopes have waveform capture memory up to 512 mega samples – which is claimed to be many times larger than competing scopes. Deep memory enables the capture of long-duration waveforms at maximum sampling speed.

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