Mobile Network Benchmarking Solution To Refine Customer Experience

Upasana Dewan


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Network benchmarking company P3 and network performance solution company InfoVista have partnered to jointly offer mobile network benchmarking services to customers worldwide. This is in order to address the growing demands of the industry to provide a competitive mobile network and deliver a superior customer experience.

The collaboration will combine P3’s network testing and benchmarking solutions and InfoVista’s TEMS solution for network monitoring, testing and optimization.

The two firms have been working jointly on benchmarking the performance of new network services such as voice and video over LTE.

This included providing actionable insights to network operators, regulators and other telecom related industries.


Through this, network operators gain the intelligence and support they need to improve the quality of those services as their networks evolve towards 5G, which will ensure continued customer loyalty and revenue generation, the announcement stated.

InfoVista is providing P3 with state-of-the-art network testing and benchmarking solutions, which are being used worldwide to provide comprehensive and reliable insight into service quality and subscriber experience.

P3 will use InfoVista TEMS solution as their only source of data collection to provide network benchmarking and optimization services, generating the industry standard P3 score based on their proprietary measurement methodology used in worldwide network testing.

“We at InfoVista consider this a major milestone achievement and the beginning of a new era with P3. It is a proud moment for InfoVista that P3, the industry leader in benchmarking services, has shown such faith in the TEMS solution. The synergies we bring together to the market will create new opportunities for telcos to address their quality of service concerns”, said Faiq M. Khan, SVP InfoVista.

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