Nokia & EDF Test IoT For Real-world Industrial Usecases

Testing effort for using IoT devices for industries


Nokia has been selected by French power utility EDF’s R&D unit to test the performance of its low power wireless networks for internet of things (IoT) device deployment.

Nokia & EDF explore the capabilities of LPWA technologies to support real-world industrial applications. EDF R&D will utilize Nokia TestHub Services in Nokia’s Device Testing Lab in France offering wireless infra to test IoT/M2M objects, chipsets, modules and user devices across all wireless technologies and frequencies.

“LPWA technologies are key emerging standards for Internet of Things (IoT) device connectivity – to support critical operations for industries”, said Nokia. This project will explore how LPWA technologies support safe and secure connections with potentially millions of sensors and other devices.

The testing will compare IoT technologies recently standardized by the 3G Partnership Project (3GPP) – including NarrowBand-IoT (NB-IoT) and LTE-Machine (LTE-M) (also known as enhanced Machine-Type Communications or eMTC) – with other emerging, largely unlicensed IoT technologies.


Leveraging Nokia TestHub Services in its Device Testing Lab, the devices can be tested on real network infrastructure rather than a simulated network, which reduces guesswork in testing and analysis and minimizes risks in advance of widespread commercial introduction, according to Nokia.

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