NI Launches New FlexRIO Transceiver for Enhanced Radar Applications


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National Instruments launched FlexRIO Transceiver Using Xilinx UltraScale FPGAs capable of direct RF sampling, to develop advanced radar systems

American International Company, National Instruments (NI) launched PXIe-5785 FlexRIO transceiver enabled with FPGA aiming towards shortening the design cycle for enhanced radar applications in aerospace and defense. NI helps in development and performance of automated test and measurement systems by providing software-defined platform. Progressing in the use of electromagnetic spectrum helps military electronics stay ahead of emerging threats. This evolution provides new challenges to the engineers and scientists designing and testing intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems.


The PXIe-5785 FlexRIO transceiver capable of direct RF sampling, which modifies and reduces the cost of high-channel-count systems. While building fully active phased-array radars systems, in which hundreds or even thousands of antenna elements are used to form beams. And as PXI platform is used to build FlexRIO modules, integration of systems and synchronize modules is very easy for the user as compared to custom designs or alternative form factors, such as VPX

This latest PXI FlexRIO transceiver is part of a larger family of FlexRIO devices with user-programmable Xilinx UltraScale FPGAs, which help engineers fulfill custom requirements without the high cost of custom design.

To shorten the development cycle, PXIe-5785 FlexRIO transceiver gives engineers access to the latest direct RF converters in a modular, commercial off-the-shelf package. NI has integrated chipsets, including high-speed converters that sample up to 6.4 GS/s with 12-bit resolution. These high-speed converters are crucial for modern radar systems, in which increased RF bandwidth equates to better spatial resolution, leads to reduced false detection and allows sophisticated electronic protection methods.

“Defense organizations must develop increasingly complex systems in a manner that is both cost and time effective,” said Jason White, director of product management for automated test and RF at NI. “Engineers throughout the entire design cycle are tasked with shortening the time to successful deployment. NI’s newest PXI FlexRIO transceiver helps engineers accomplish just that.”

“We see a growing number of requirements for multichannel RF record and playback and real-time spectrum analysis applications with high dynamic range,” said Ross Q. Smith, cofounder and CEO of RADX Technologies. “Until now, we could not provide a cost-effective solution for these customers. The new FlexRIO transceiver will help us deliver a high-performance, high-channel-count IF solution for precision synchronization and baseband analysis.”

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