High Voltage Multifunction Phasing Sticks For Upto 44kV Systems

phasing sticks

The high-voltage multifunction phasing sticks from Kusam-Meco are ideally designed to offer utmost safety while working with live electric wires. Made from fiberglass materials, such sticks function as multipurpose tools for performing tasks of testing, wire fixing or repair, nut and bolt tightening, fuse replacement, insulator coating and general maintenance.

The company’s new “PC” range of High Voltage Multifunction Phasing Sticks are all-in-one: a Phase Comparator with color-coded scale indication, a Voltage Detector with Neon Indication and a Scaled Voltmeter.

They are available in five models for applications up to 44kV systems (6.6kV, 11kV, 22kV, 33kV and 44kV).


The new range, according to the company, utilizes a long established technique to detect and measure high voltages and perform phasing tests.

These Dual Poles instruments incorporate modern, high-quality glass fibre front end, composite polyurethane main body molding to give tough and very lightweight construction and superior safety features.

Key benefits and features of the products at a glance:

  • They have Analog Colour Coded Dual Scales and Neon indication.
  • They are not just VDE0681 part 5 compliant and IEC1243-2. They are practical and efficient.
  • These products are also budget-friendly. Due of their multifunction capabilities, customers don’t need to buy separate instruments.
  • They are supplied complete with instruction manual.
  • They are housed in a superb High-Quality modern Plastic Case with shock absorbing foam.
  • They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use (in dry weather).
  • They do not require dismantling or re-assembling and do not have any user’s assembled parts, so eliminating the risks of assembly mistake and accidents during High Voltage Work in a breakdown situation.

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