New Fiber Testing Device To Identify Break-Points In Multi-Channel Cables


For high technical requirements of optics and optoelectronics in demanding environmental conditions

IMM Photonics GmbH, a pioneer in the area of laser technology, fibre optics, sensor systems, precision mechanics and electronics has introduced the FIBERPOINT® ET. This device provides easier localization of break points in LWL cables with blue sheathing because the green laser makes them easier to spot.

Key Features

  • Output power is < 1 mW.
  • Visibility is up to 10 times better as compared to the red wavelength range.
  • Can be used with both rechargeable and conventional batteries.

The 2.5 mm universal adapter and the optional 1.25 mm adapter support connectivity with all common LWL connector systems.


With the simultaneous use of a green and a red FIBERPOINT®, considerable time savings can be achieved through multi-patching, which enables the user to localize two fibers in a single step. When working in CW and pulsed mode, four glass fibers can be localized at once.



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