New Fanless Multi-Range D.C. Power Supply

Upasana Dewan


GW Instek has launched a small and high-performance programmable D.C. power supply, that adopts natural convection design to dissipate heat. The fanless structure allows users to focus on their experiments and tests in a quiet environment. Moreover, fanless power supply will not suck in dust and foreign objects, therefore, PFR-100 has a longer life cycle compared with that of power supplies with fan, the company says.

Key features and benefits include:-

  • The power supply comes with a five-fold rated power that allows users to self-define voltage and current underrated power conditions so as to offer a wider voltage and current operational ranges.
  • PFR-100, with rated 100W, provides two models: PFR-100L- maximum output voltage of 50V (at 2A) or maximum output current of 10A (at 10V); PFR-100M- maximum output voltage of 250V (at 0.4A) or maximum output current of 2A (at 50V).
  • The units provide front and rear panel output terminals.
  • The front panel output terminal helps users shorten test lead replacement time while conducting adjustment on front panel’s function keys.
  • The rear panel output terminal facilitates an easy wiring operation for rackmount assembly.
  • 3U height, 70mm width and 2.5KG in weight have greatly elevated the power supply’s portability.
  • Furthermore, the multi-drop mode allows users to control up to 31 PFR-100s without using switch/Hub that help users save the equipment cost.

For more details: please check the PFR-100 product page.



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