New Automated Visual Inspection (AVI) And 3D-X-Ray Inspection System


It has automated the dimension and visual inspections, which used to depend on manual work

OMRON presents its intelligent, integrated and interactive automated inspection solutions that are the driving force behind the automotive quality standards, combined with robotics for flexible production.

100% reliability and achieving zero defect processes are essential in electric vehicle and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Therefore, electronic assemblies of automotive PCB processes must meet the highest quality manufacturing standards. To meet these customer needs in PCB optical and X-ray inspection in the SMT process, OMRON solutions guarantee the quality of PCB components and the strength of solder joints. Automatic full inspection offers extremely high inspection accuracy and eliminates defective products and any inspection variations caused by manual work.


At SMTconnect, among the highlights is the new VT-M121 Series automated visual inspection (AVI) solution, offering high accuracy and repeatability measurement of dimensions on PCB assemblies, including pre and post SMT process assemblies with the goal to automate existing manual inspection processes to a range of in-line automated inspection solutions. It combines the strength of OMRON’s multi-direction and multi-colour MDMC light and the high-speed FH camera system, which makes finding the ideal inspection settings easier and faster. Combined with vibration suppression control technology, the complete solution ensures highly accurate high-speed inspection.


Also showcased is the powerful VT-X750 system, which utilizes high speed Computed Tomography (3D-CT) for non-destructive testing of the visible and non-visible solder joints. It provides the highest-level inspection quality with detectability only possible with CT. The 3D reconstruction algorithm of the system also enables full inspection of for example ball grid array (BGA), land grid array (LGA), as well as insertion components.



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