New 2.5 mm Passive Oscilloscope Probes For High-density Circuits

test probe

Cal Test Electronics’s new CT4200 series of 2.5mm passive voltage oscilloscope probes offer easy and accurate probing of today’s high-density circuits 

Cal Test Electronics has launched its new CT4200 series of passive voltage oscilloscope probes featuring compact 2.5 mm barrel size and bandwidths from 55 MHz to 1.5 GHz. Their miniature 2.5 mm size provides easy probing of today’s high-density circuits.

The 8 model series includes 1x, 10x, 20x, and 100x attenuation ratios. Six models interface with oscilloscopes having 1 MΩ input impedances while two models require 50 Ω input impedances. These models are an excellent alternative to Keysight’s 2800 series oscilloscope probes, but will work with most modern oscilloscopes. The CT4200 series carries CE listing, including RoHS 2 compliance. The compact size provides easy and accurate probing of today’s high density circuits.

CT4200 Series Oscilloscope probe features:

  • Readout acuator
  • Snap-locking sprung hook
  • BNC and PCB tip adapters
  • IC tip insulators
  • 8 Color ID rings
  • Both fixed and spring-loaded tips, all easily replaceable
    3 grounding options: Spring, swivel, and traditional alligator clip lead

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