Narda Compares its SignalShark with Others Handheld Analyzers


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Narda’s SignalShark challenges the established reference instruments to an open contest in a video, shows impressive results compared to Anritsu, Tektronix, Rohde & Schwarz

Narda STS has recently put up a video comparing its own handheld analyzers SingnalShark with other established instruments in the industry and giving detailed test results and describing the test conditions.


In the video, Narda’s SignalShark challenges the established reference instruments – Anritsu Spectrum Master, Tektronix H500/600, and the PR100/DDF007 from Rohde & Schwarz.

Key Features of Narda’s Handheld Analyzers SignalShark:

  • Frequency range 8 kHz to 8 GHz
  • 40 MHz Real-Time Bandwidth (RTBW)
  • 100% Probability of Intercept (POI) for signals longer than longer than 3.125 µs
  • High Sensitivity with a wide intermodulation-free dynamic range
  • Analog and Digital Demodulation
  • Two digital down converters (DDC) for simultaneous measurement and demodulation
  • I/Q recording and Vita 49 streaming

The positive results of tests on further parameters such as RF performance, measurement speed, input attenuation and detection are shown in the video. Company claims – Results are very clear and can be professionally verified and scientifically reproduced at any time.

To make everything understandable, the presenter in the video explains step by step important details of the methodology and special features of the investigations, as well as simply explaining the basic relationships in the highly complex field of RF measurement.

The comparison results are very impressive. This informative and instructive English-language film is now available on YouTube by the name “test narda signalshark”.

Company Profile

Narda is a leading supplier of measuring equipment in the RF Test & Measurement, EMF Safety and EMC sectors. The RF Test & Measurement sector covers analyzers and instruments for measuring and identifying radio sources. The EMF Safety product spectrum includes wideband and frequency selective measuring devices, and monitors for wide area coverage or which can be worn on the body for personal safety. Under the PMM brand, Narda offers instruments for determining the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of devices. The range of services includes servicing, calibration, and training programs.

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