That’s Making Aviation Safer

By Deepshikha Shukla


Their BL+ series provides linear performance with the benefits of a switching amplifier. It offers smaller footprint, reduced downtime and greater energy efficiency. It comes with an optional computer control for automatic test equipment applications. It provides adjustable frequency and voltage, allowing for maximum flexibility. FC5003 frequency converter is designed to convert 120V AC/208V AC, 3-phase, 60Hz ground power to 115V AC/200V AC, 3-phase, 400Hz aircraft power.

AC power supplies and frequency converters for aviation testing
Fig. 4: AC power supplies and frequency converters for aviation testing (

Other requirements

To establish certified aircraft effective perceived noise levels, aircraft noise certification tests are required at each approach in accordance with relevant aircraft noise certification standards. Standards include ICAO Annex 16 and/or FAR 36 and IEC 61265.

In the current market dynamics, there is a need to keep evolving technologies to enable the aviation industry to carry out more precise and realistic testing. T&M vendors need to stay ahead of the evolving technical requirements so that the right testing equipment is available when it is required.


Next-generation air transportation systems will require test capabilities for aircraft avionics systems. As the world moves from analogue, ground-based aircraft communications to satellite-based, digital aircraft communications, test requirements will change, requiring more digital instrumentation than analogue instrumentation. In essence, it will flip the switch on test requirements to a new set of completely different parameters. As new technologies are added to the field, test capabilities must be upgraded to stay ahead of those new technologies.



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