Latest Oscilloscope Eases Debugging Of Complex Electronic Test Systems


The HDO (High Definition Oscilloscope) fares much better than other competitive HDOs out there with respect to high resolution and low noise 

The WaveSurfer 4000HD High Definition Oscilloscope (HDO)

For quite some time, design and test engineers have been demanding for detailed and accurate signal measurements while debugging embedded IoT systems, automotive,  switch-mode power supply and other control system designs with the help of 12-bit HDO (High Definition Oscillator). Several 10-bit/12-bit resolution HDOs out there lack noise and jitter suppressing features and require external arrangements for channel count, bandwidth or sample rate measurements in order to achieve high resolution and low noise.

Keeping this in mind, Teledyne LeCroy has announced the availability of the 12-bit resolution WaveSurfer 4000HD High Definition Oscilloscope (HDO), that extends the company’s HD4096 High Definition technology for displaying clean and accurate waveforms on a 12.1’’ touch screen display. The HD4096 technology makes efficient use of high signal-to-noise input amplifiers, high sample rate 12-bit ADCs and a low-noise system architecture for capturing high resolution waveforms (16x more than 8-bit oscilloscopes).

Offers best-in-class performance


WaveSurfer 4000HD is available in 200 MHz to 1 GHz bandwidths, with sample rates of up to 5 GS/s and acquisition memory of 12.5 Mpts on each channel. A low baseline noise — 2.5x better as compared to other 12-bit ADC oscilloscopes and 8x better than other 10-bit ADC oscilloscopes and high accuracy — 0.5 percent better than 2.5 percent at 1 mV/div gain setting, gives WaveSurfer 4000HD the power to offer best-in-class performance.

Organises various test instruments

WaveSurfer 4000HD also has the ability of integrating multiple test instruments into one and reducing clutter on the test bench. It offers an optional 16-channel Mixed-Signal Oscilloscope (MSO), Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG), Frequency Counter and Spectrum Analyzer.

Now available for US$ 7,490, the WaveSurfer 4000HD’s software includes a fast waveform update rate, MAUI with OneTouch, LabNotebook, History Mode and Pass/Fail testing, with several optional Protocol Analysis and Power Analysis packages.



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