Laser Beam Profiler Offers Fast and Easy M2 Measurement


Gentec-EO has introduced an automated system that quickly performs an M² measurement to analyze lasers according to ISO11146 and ISO13694 specifications

m2 measurementBeam geometry is of crucial importance for many applications. Powerful measuring devices are used to determine all important parameters such as M², spot size, focus position, etc. With the Beamage-M2, Gentec-EO has now introduced an automated system that claims to determine the quality of a laser beam in only 20 to 60 seconds by means of an M2 measurement.

The beam quality factor M2 describes the difference between the divergence angle of a laser beam and the ideal Gaussian beam. The smaller the value, the better a laser can be focused.

Compact Beam Profile Measurement Device


Available exclusively from LASER COMPONENTS, this system is the only one in the world with a complete set of 50 mm optics. This allows measurements to be made on larger beam diameters and divergence angles, according to the company.

The detector is a particularly large CMOS sensor chip (11.3 x 11.3 mm) with a resolution of 4.2 megapixels. All measurements comply with ISO11146 and ISO13694.

Two adjustable deflecting mirrors ensure that the laser beam can be adjusted easily and flexibly. The beam path is “folded” 180° inside the device via two factory-set deflecting mirrors. This enables 400 mm of travel of beam path at an optimized speed, requiring a minimal amount of space, the company said.

With its handy design, the Beamage-M2 can be easily mounted on optical tables. This makes it ideal for use in R&D laboratories. Automatic and manual measurements are possible via user-friendly software.

More Information is available here.



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