Inspection System For Flexible & Compact Dual-Track Operation


Complete with an innovative design solution that has been introduced in this system

Viscom AG has expanded its diverse range of inspection systems for the electronics industry with the S3088 DT. It is configured as standard with a dual-track system for use in automatic optical inspection (3D AOI).

The system features a  full connection to the state-of-the-art Industry 4.0 interfaces. The S3088 DT ensures reliable inspection of sophisticated 03015 components at an impressive throughput rate.


The system adapts to the varying track widths of the relevant production jobs and can also be used in single-track operation as required.

Compared to the S6056 3D AOI system that many Viscom customers use in a dual-track version, the S3088 DT is considerably more compact, particularly with regard to its width.

Key Features

  • Monitor features a fold-out keyboard and saves even more space.
  • Can inspect even the largest PCBs.
  • Affordability, efficiency, speed and technical performance for large-scale mass production.


With regard to its sensor technology, the S3088 DT provides outstanding flexibility: in addition to its configuration for the most sophisticated 3D AOI tasks, configurations for solder paste inspection (3D SPI), conformal coating inspection (CCI) and underfill inspection (UFI) are also available.



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