Keysight has unveiled what it calls the industry’s fastest and most versatile semiconductor parametric test solution used in R&D and the mass production of advanced logic and memory ICs

The system reduces the cost-of-test in the development and manufacturing of advanced semiconductor logic and memory ICs.

“The third generation of the P9000, with its new parametric test unit module, boosts test speed further and overcomes the challenge of capacitance measurement. The new test unit module allows the measurement of leaky capacitance of cutting edge semiconductor processes and provides 100-pin parallel capacitance measurement”, notes the company.

“When the P9000 was introduced, it enabled 100-pin parallel measurements for multiple devices on silicon wafer by using a dedicated per-pin test unit module. The module had all the typical measurement functions required for parametric test (e.g., voltage, current, capacitance, pulse, and frequency). In addition, direct charge measurement (DCM) technology enabled fast, 100-pin parallel capacitance measurements”, Keysight said.


The company further stated: “With the introduction of the third generation of P9000—with the new per-pin parametric test module, the Keysight P9015A—the tester has further shortened the time of capacitance measurements to address the trend of increasing test volumes of capacitance due to multi-layer interconnection and new device structure.”

“Hundreds of the P9000 are already being used in R&D and in volume production by a number of semiconductor companies, such as advanced logic foundries and memory manufactures,” said Masaki Yamamoto, vice president and general manager of Keysight’s Wafer Test Solutions. “Keysight continues to enhance the P9000 to further reduce the customer’s time-to-market and reduce the cost-of-test. The third-generation P9000 provides the fastest parallel parametric test solution, with a 100-pin, ‘TRUE’ parametric per-pin module, even with the test structures used in conventional test systems.”

More information about the P9000 is available at

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