IDT VersaCLOCK6E will be an Asset for Real-Time Applications

IDT has launched a Programmable Clock Generator which will suit Industrial and Consumer-Oriented Applications.


Integrated Device Technology Inc. has introduced the new VersaClock6E line of programmable clock generators. The company feels that IDT VersaClock 6E will suit datacenter and networking equipments. Moreover, the device can be employed in industrial test and measurement devices, digital video recorders (DVR), professional video displays and other consumer-oriented communications applications. The characteristics such as stringent cost, power consumption and low-jitter requirements fits the device into these applications.

The additions to the VersaClock6E portfolio includes the output frequencies in the KHz range which allows the designers to use this device in audio and other real-time applications. These applications require proper synchronization and high-performance outputs. The “Optional Integrated Crystal” comes with a calibrated input that eliminates on-board crystal issues making the device ideal for high-end consumer, video, communications and other applications consuming limited board space. IDT’s VersaClock 6E line of programmable clock generators are available in four editions i.e. the 5P49V6965, 5P49V6967, 5P49V6968 and 5P49V6975. IDT’s supply chain and the distribution network is compatible with both low and high-volume orders.

Kris Rausch, vice president of IDT’s Timing Division, said, “We listened closely to our customers in developing the new VersaClock 6E line; adding requested features and performance enhancements while retaining all of the best-in-class advantages of previous VersaClock programmable generators, including small size, low power consumption and minimal board space requirements. The VersaClock 6E continues the VersaClock family’s tradition of providing product designers with the performance, flexibility and power savings they need to achieve their design specifications while reducing costs and using minimal board space.”


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