High-precision Power Analyzer Paves Way For Highly-efficient EVs

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Yokogawa boosts the measurement accuracy of its precision power analyzer to foster the development of highly-efficient electric vehicles and renewable energy systems

The industry is speeding up the development of EVs, plug-in hybrid (electric) vehicles (PHVs/PHEVs), fuel-cell vehicles, solar and wind power generators, and energy-saving home appliances. To make these products more energy efficient and help them operate more efficiently, it is essential to be able to precisely measure the slightest improvements in efficiency. Global demand is thus rising for highly precise power analyzers that can precisely measure power consumption and assess energy efficiency.

In response to such needs, Yokogawa has improved the performance and functions of its flagship power analyzer by adding new functions, and is releasing this new product as the WT5000.


The WT5000 precision power analyzer accommodates up to seven input elements and has a high measurement accuracy of ±0.03%.

Key features of WT5000 Power analyzer

1. Improved measurement accuracy: With reference to the WT3000E, the measurement accuracy of the WT5000 has been improved from ±0.04% to ±0.03% at AC 50/60 Hz, DC power measurement accuracy has been improved from ±0.15% to ±0.07%, and the low power factor error has been decreased from ±0.03% to ±0.02%. With these improvements, power consumption, power loss, and conversion efficiency can be assessed more precisely, satisfying our customers’ need for a solution that can help them develop products that consume less power and are more energy efficient.

2. Accommodates up to seven modular input elements: Yokogawa has increased to seven the number of input elements that can be mounted on the WT5000. The WT3000E accommodates four elements. This will help in efficiently performing the ever increasing number of measurements required for the development of power conditioners and other devices used in EVs, PHVs/PHEVs, fuel-cell vehicles, and solar and wind power generators. Despite all these enhancements, the WT5000 still has nearly the same dimensions as the WT3000E, and is thus appropriate for use in locations where space is at a premium.

3. Simultaneous measurement for up to four motors
An optional function supports the simultaneous measurement of speed and torque for up to four motors. This is ideal for applications involving EV in-wheel motors and four-wheel drive vehicles.


Measurement of power consumption and evaluation of electric power use efficiency during product design or final examination

Major Target Markets

  • Automakers of EVs, PHVs/PHEVs, and fuel-cell vehicles, and manufacturers of in-vehicle batteries and chargers
  • Manufacturers of renewable energy products for solar and wind power generation
  • Manufacturers of air conditioners and other home appliances; OA equipment; and motors, compressors, and other industrial equipment

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