HD Oscilloscope For Analysing And Debugging High Bandwidth Signals


The instrument meets the requirements of test engineers for computing signals in a range of power conversion applications

Today’s highly complex power-conversion systems and ECUs (Electronic Control Units) are increasingly becoming smaller and have faster computation speeds. With greater signals, sensor inputs and lower-voltage power rails, test engineers require instruments with lower noise and more channels, resolution, bandwidth and acquisition memory for understanding and debugging these highly-interactive signals.

To provide a solution to this problem, Teledyne LeCroy presents the WaveRunner 8000HD High Definition Oscilloscope (HDO). The oscilloscope builds upon the company’s HD4096 High Definition technology for display on its 15.6” touchscreen.



The 2 GHz bandwidth device has 8-channel, 12-bit resolution for meeting the demanding embedded control systems and debugging requirements for a greater number of signals. The 8-channels additionally enable high sample-rate captures for long-duration. Its 5 Gigapoints of acquisition memory is efficient in resolving critical situations for applications such as high-power/three-phase power conversion, automotive electronics, power integrity and power sequencing and embedded control systems.

Connected together

Furthermore, two WaveRunner 8000HD oscilloscopes can be connected together to a single 16-channel acquisition system that can be highly useful in power conversion applications.

Using Teledyne LeCroy’s new OscilloSYNCTM technology, two WaveRunner 8000HD instruments easily view and control 16 synchronized analog channels from a single display and front panel — just like having a single 16-channel acquisition system.

HD4096 technology

Unlike conventional instruments that find it impossible to provide 12-bit resolution all the time at high bandwidths, WaveRunner 8000HD’s HD4096 technology takes a systematic approach to 12-bit measurement resolution by providing high resolution and low noise at the full bandwidth of 12 bits instead of 8 bits.

Like all its WaveRunner predecessors, WaveRunner 8000HD contains a powerful, deep toolbox for providing advanced industrial assistance. When coupled with HD4096 High Definition technology, the WaveRunner 8000HD High Definition Oscilloscopes provide the most comprehensive and efficient debug and validation.


The WaveRunner 8000HD oscilloscopes are offered in bandwidths of 350 MHz, 500 MHz, 1 GHz, and 2 GHz; with sample rates up to 10 GS/s and with up to 1.25 Gigapoints of acquisition memory on each channel (5 Gigapoints interleaved).

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