Omron has developed a high-quality, automatic X-ray inspection system that enables high-speed, inline X-ray inspection of PCB components such as BGAs, LGAs or THTs utilizing Computed Tomography (CT). The system is claimed the fastest 3D-CT system on the market for testing these components.

The Product’s 3D X-ray technology claims to address the limitations of other 2.5D and other 3D X-ray technologies, thus providing the highest quality solder joint inspection for key industries such as automotive, aerospace, infrastructure, communication and medical.

“Traditional X-ray technologies are limited in inspecting components like BGAs, LGAs or THT-components. Omron’s VT-X750 incorporates ‘Computed Tomography’ (CT), specifically to provide high-precision, X-ray imaging to perform precise and reliable analysis of these hidden soldered areas”, states the company.

“The VT-X750 can inspect accurately and reliably, soldered defects such as Head in Pillow and voids within BGA and LGA devices”, explains Kevin Youngs, Key Account Manager Europe at Omron Automated Inspection Business Europe. “The new inspection system measures also the percentage solder, including voids in QFN’s, and Barrel Fill in through-hole devices.”


Traditional AXI systems incorporate 2D or 2.5D X-ray tomography. But these technologies provide limited capability causing high false calls and are insufficient to find core defects such as Head in Pillow and in many cases, voids. The limitation of these systems is the capability to inspect PCB’s with double sided components.3D-AXI overcomes these deficiencies of traditional 2D or 2.5D system.

However, in today’s AXI systems, there are 2 basic forms of 3D X-ray: Tomosynthesis and Computed Tomography.

The VT-X750 inspections are performed very quickly at speeds less than 4 msec. per field-of-view (FOV). Omron strongly believes that combining VT-X750 new ultra-fast process times and unique data capturing technology, VT-X750 is the first 3D-CT AXI system that can be utilized into the SMT production Line”, the announcement states.

“We see this as a great benefit targeted to increase customer manufacturing quality and reduce manufacturing costs”, said Youngs.

“In comparison to Tomosynthesis, VT-X750 utilizes CT reconstruction software and combines multi-slice data with laser displacement technology that gauges the PCB surface for each solder-joint, for example, each solder ball of BGA, compensating for any warpage and allowing the system to perform cross-sectional analysis at the proper slice-level locations”, the company further stated.

Selectable inspection of 6, 8, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 microns combined with selectable numbers out of 512 X-ray projections up to 512, taken from different angles to produce cross-sectional tomographic images of specific areas of target area, allow for user-driven variation between higher inspection speeds for production environments, and ultra-high-quality 3D image acquisition for research of defect analysis.

Furthermore, the machine offers benefits for a big group of customers, from automotive suppliers, with high running production lines to midsize companies who need an X-ray also for smaller batches.

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