Enhanced UXR Oscilloscope Series For mmWave and Radar Applications


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  • Keysight’s UXR0051AP Infiniium oscilloscope offers a broad frequency bandwidth
  • Provides fast, affordable, and flexible wideband analysis

Keysight Technologies has announced a new cost-effective and flexible single channel instrument that has been specifically designed to accelerate the development of next-generation mmWave communications, satellite communications and radar applications.

The UXR0051AP Infiniium UXR-Series Oscilloscope, the newest addition to the company’s UXR series of oscilloscope offers a frequency range of 110 GHz and 5 GHz and provides a fast, affordable, and flexible analysis of wideband measurements.

Keysight’s UXR-Series oscilloscopes, with optional mmWave Wideband Analysis functionality, deliver signal integrity, versatility, affordability, and performance together within a single instrument.

Key features and benefits

  • Superior -158 dBm/Hz displayed average noise level (DANL) from 28 GHz to 85 GHz which enables quality error vector magnitude (EVM) measurements on low power wideband signals.
  • Wideband signal measurements with up to 10 GHz bandwidth and fundamental frequencies as high as 110 GHz for high-quality wideband analysis.
  • Instant upgradability to two independently configurable phase-coherent channels for easy multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) measurement support.
  • High-definition, 10-bit analogue-to-digital converter (ADC) with 16-bit Digital Down Conversion (DDC) I/Q data output to ensure high mmWave measurement accuracy.
  • 256 GSa/s real-time or 3,200 MSa/s complex sample rates delivers wide 110 GHz frequency range and 2.16 GHz DDC analysis bandwidth.
  • Flexible mmWave extension and DDC bandwidth license options enable performance and affordability for oscilloscope based mmWave wideband analysis.

According to Dr Gabriel M. Rebeiz, Professor and Member of the National Academy at the University of California, San Diego, Keysight’s UXR offers an easy and accurate analysing of millimetre-wave 1×1 and 2×2 MIMO 5G NR communication links. It has low error vector magnitude (0.2-0.9%) for 200 MHz-5 GHz bandwidth signals, even at -40 dBm input power and at 67 GHz. Without any external amplifiers or filters, his team can connect 5G phased-arrays to the UXR, run the 89600 VSA software and start measuring, thus reducing the measurement time from hours to minutes.

“To satisfy the demand for faster speeds and increased bandwidth, mmWave technologies are evolving with techniques such as MIMO and phased array antennas,” said Brad Doerr, vice president and general manager of digital and photonics R&D for Keysight’s Communications Solutions Group. “Keysight recognized the need for a cost-effective one channel oscilloscope with dynamically configurable bandwidth to support today’s single-channel mmWave wideband measurement requirements. The new oscilloscope can instantly expand to two phase-coherent channels, enabling customers to easily support this emerging multi-channel evolution.”

Keysight’s UXR0051AP Infiniium UXR-Series Oscilloscope is available now.

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