Double Pulse Test Plugin For Reducing Waveform Generation Time


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Replaces time-consuming manual waveform generation method with an automatic method – just under one minute

Test and Measurement solution provider, Tektronix, has launched a new plugin called Double Pulse Test for its AFG31000 arbitrary function generator, that was released last year.

Double pulse testing is often used by test engineers in the power and semiconductor industries for measuring and evaluating the switching parameters and dynamic behaviour of several power devices, including those made from materials such as Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Gallium Nitride (GaN).

Fast and easy testing solution


Utilising the current test equipment to generate pulses has been big a challenge for engineers, which often forces them to manually create waveforms using PCs or microcontrollers. This leads to a time-consuming and error-prone process.

However, with the help of the new plugin, engineers can now quickly define pulse parameters from a single window on the AFG31000’s large touchscreen display and then generate voltage pulses with varying pulse widths and timings in order to trigger a MOSFET or IGBT power device. Impedance adjustment of pulse width and the time gap between each pulse can be made up to 30 pulses, with pulse widths ranging from 20 ns to 150 µs. All this can be achieved in just under a minute.

“The new Double Pulse Test plugin is another example of how our new AFG31000 makes it easy to set up test systems, quickly change parameters and run through a range of test cases with high efficiency and stability,” said Chris Bohn, vice president and general manager of the Keithley Product Line at Tektronix. “This represents a huge increase in productivity for power engineers, translating into significant cost savings and shorter time to market.”

AFG31000 arbitrary function generator

Featuring a large 9-inch touchscreen display, the AFG31000 is an arbitrary function generator which comes with the InstaView™ technology for automatically detecting and compensating any impedance mismatches. Its ArbBuilder tool allows for easy creation of arbitrary waveforms.

AFG31000 arbitary function generator

AFG31000 series instruments are available in 1- or 2-channel configurations and deliver 14-bit vertical resolution along with 250 MSa/s, 1 GSa/s or 2 GSa/s sample rate performance.

More information here about the AFG31000 arbitrary function generator.

Download the Double Pulse Test Plug-In from here.

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