Doble Engineering Launches New Version Of Protection Testing Software


New test functions and increased automation offers protection testing professionals an expanded toolset simplifies the technical and administrative parts of their work

Doble Engineering Company, a global provider of advanced diagnostics for the energy industry, has launched a newest protection testing software: the Protection Suite v5. Whether maintaining installed systems or planning system upgrades, Protection Suite v5 offers many programs for a single comprehensive, automated testing of protection system components and schemes.

The software gives results based on user feedback through various support channels. The v5 expands testing capabilities with Doble’s F6150 power system simulators. Key features of this Protection Suite v5 includes:

  • Dynamic graphical testing: Multi-phase/multi-fault test modules feature interactive, settings that give testers graphical displays of expected versus actual relay operation points for verifications of protection settings during commissioning and routine maintenance.
  • Increased user efficiencies: Productivity is increased with the help of new line fault models, legacy data converter modules, improved worksheet support and formula support of complex functions.
  • Enhanced IEC 61850 testing: Doble F6150sv power system simulators can be reformatted into GSE (GOOSE/GSSE/R-GOOSE) messaging whenever testing IED schemes based on the IEC 61850 standard.
  • New data management: Control and supervision of test records is available through PowerBase® network database management system.  Through this, companies can become efficient by standardizing their data and processes into automated workflows for informed decision-making and compliance readiness.

“The power industry needs tools that can help professionals do their jobs in a changing environment and adapt to their specific needs,” said Joe Stevenson, product marketing manager of protection software at Doble Engineering Company. “Protection Suite v5 is designed with these needs in mind, and to be accessible for both new and existing technicians and engineers, so users of all skill levels can be successful in testing protection systems, both today and in the future.”

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