Cost-effective USB Vector Spectrum Analyzer

vector spectrum analyzer

Engineers can turn to the new cost-effective A6 vector signal analyzer from Transcom Instruments. It comes in a compact size with a USB interface that can add a PC’s functionality.

vector spectrum analyzerTranscom Instruments’ A6 is a vector signal analyzer with a compact design. Claiming an excellent testing performance and measurement sensitivity, A6 satisfies the testing requirements of the majority of RF signals. A6 meets the needs of general spectrum test, signal demodulation of GSM, WCDMA, LTE and NB-IoT signals. In terms of system integration, PCB version module product is available and API library is provided for secondary development.

Key features of the new USB VSA with demodulation capability

  • 1MHz to 6.0GHz frequency range with -166dBm DANL.
  • Signal demodulation: FM, LTE, Digital Signal
  • Signal storage depth of 1Gbit for signal capture and analysis
  • API library is provided for secondary development
  • 180mm×50mm×290mm compact size with 1.8kg lightweight

Multiple Functions to Serve Various Applications

Transcom A6 Vector Signal Analyzer not only has basic spectrum analysis, record, and playback function but also supports signal demodulation with an optional software license.


When using A6 in spectrum mode, it is said to provide super-fast sweep speed and ultra-low noise floor. Spectrum record/playback and waterfall display functions make it easy for engineers to find target signal and keep evidence record. Besides, A6 can also record signal into IQ data for the further replay in other instruments and analysis in tools like Matlab.

A6 is also suitable for customers who have signal demodulation requirements. A6 offers outstanding demodulation quality at an economical price.

Open API to Serve System Integrator

Transcom A6 Vector Signal analyzer is an open platform rather than only an instrument. System integrator can perform secondary development via the API function library provided by Transcom. With 1GB data storage, it meets the basic signal capture needs, so that users can analyze the collected signals. This feature can also be applied in the monitoring field.

Product benefits

• Precise measurement performance
• Small size
• Easy to integrate
• Supports secondary development

Typical applications

  • Signal demodulation
  • Laboratory RF test
  • System integration
  • Production test
  • Teaching demonstration

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