Control and Acceptance Measurement Kit


A measurement kit designed specifically for the FTTx roll-out

With the FTTx measurement kit, Laser Components has announced a package for control and acceptance measurements in FTTx and PON networks with wavelengths of 1310nm, 1490nm, 1550nm, and 1625nm.

Kit specifications

The kit has been particularly designed for companies involved in the broadband roll-out by Deutsche Telekom. It contains both the ORL- 85 and the OLP-85 measuring instruments by Viavi Solutions, along with patch cables and couplings.


The ORL-85 consists of an optical laser source, power meter, and return loss meter in one single device. The OLP-85 is a power meter with a measurement range from 800nm to 1700nm and a dynamic range of 100dB.

It has been reported that the measurements can be performed both on out-of-service and in-service networks. The devices are also available with the option of a P version with an internal microscope for the end face inspection of optical connectors.

The measurement kit is intended for the FTTx roll-out. Reportedly, it can enable performances on passive cable infrastructure as well as on networks that are already in operation.



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