Cloud-based Solution Speeds SoC Verification; Optimizes Costs

Cloud Software Solution with Instantly-Adjustable Usage & Unlimited Capacity during Peak Demand


Metrics Technologies announced its flagship product, the Metrics Cloud Simulator & Verification Manager — a pay-by-minute Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud-based verification offering that enables semiconductor and systems companies to take full advantage of cloud technology to accelerate their verification projects, including on-demand deployment, unlimited capacity during peak demand, and lower total cost of ownership.

“Semiconductor and systems companies today are limited by software license and hardware restrictions during periods of peak usage. Verification engineers can end up waiting overnight or even days for their simulation regression jobs to be scheduled and run on their compute farms — wasting engineering resources and delaying project completion dates”, the company noted.

“Rapidly increasing demand for functional simulation, and particularly the need to avoid the delays that occur during peak demand, is driving companies to adopt cloud-based verification”, said Doug Letcher, President and CEO of Metrics and former VP of Engineering at verification services firm XtremeEDA.


“We founded Metrics to bring the compelling advantages of a secure, collaborative, cloud-based workflow to SoC design and verification teams”, Letcher said.

The Metrics Cloud Simulator & Verification Manager is a true cloud solution that allows simulation resources to be automatically adjusted up or down, dynamically by the minute, without having to purchase additional hardware, licenses, or manage disk space.
Metric Cloud Simulator & Verification Manager includes a complete, SystemVerilog IEEE 1800-2012 compliant simulator. The simulator includes support for constraint solving, SVA checking, functional coverage, and all standard test bench and RTL constructs. UVM is thus fully supported. Because it is a true cloud simulator, every authorized team member can have immediate unlimited access even during peak demand.

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