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National Instruments Committed To End-To-End 5G Interoperability

Despite the fact that both 4G and 5G network topologies are IP-based and backend compatible, the transition to next-generation wireless wide area networking (WWAN) brings with it a host of operator, carrier, telecom equipment,...

Test And Measurement For Rugged Applications

Powerful portable workstations are needed for test and measurement purposes for rugged applications. This article takes a look at some such instruments. Professionals often face the challenge of capturing data in real time. For this,...
power integrity measurement.

Seven Tips For Better Power Integrity Measurements

Today’s ASICs, FPGAs and off-the-shelf ICs have increasingly stringent power requirements. These requirements result in the need to test power rails that have decreasing voltages and tighter tolerances. For such tests, users rely on...
PicoScope 5000D

PicoScope 5000D Oscilloscopes Win Elektra 2018 “Test Product of the Year” award

The PicoScope 5000D Series is an ideal, cost-effective scope for many applications including design, research, test, education, service, and repair. Pico Technology, a manufacturer of PC-based test & measurement instruments, announced that its PicoScope 5000D...

Keysight, Askey Accelerate Development of New 5G Designs on mmWave Frequencies

Keysight's 5G network emulation solution enables mobile ecosystem to validate new designs for fixed wireless access Keysight announced that the company has been selected by Askey Computer Corporation, which manufactures and develops electronic and network...
gcf approval

5G NR RF Conformance Test System Wins GCF Approval

Anritsu's GCF-approved conformance test system ME7873NR supports the early rollout of 5G NR devices  Anritsu recently announced that its 5G NR RF Conformance Test System ME7873NR has won approval for 5G NR RF Conformance tests from...

Comprehensive DDR5 Test Solution Meets Data Center Demands

Keysight's complete test solution meets the new computing and performance demands posed by the latest generation of DDR memory standard in the data center infrastructure  Each new generation of DDR synchronous dynamic random-access memory (SDRAM)...
pci 5.0

PCI Express 5.0 Ready Design and Test Solution

Keysight's new comprehensive transmitter and receiver solution will enable the design of integrated circuits and systems utilizing the new version of the PCIe standard Keysight has introduced a comprehensive transmitter and receiver solution that enables...

Test Solution Accelerates Product Development Workflows

Keysight's PathWave Memory Designer shortens design cycles and reduces project delays As double data rate (DDR) memory technology improves with every new generation, engineers face new design and validation challenges. Considering this, Keysight has announced PathWave...
5g nr

5G Conformance Toolset gains GCF Approval for 5G NR NSA Mobile Device Certification

Keysight Technologies' test solution gains GCF approval for 5G NR NSA Mobile Device Certification, helping the mobile industry to accelerate the validation of new 5G designs Keysight Technologies has announced that it is the first company...

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