Parallel Testing Slashes Automotive Test Times

Presto Engineering’s test capabilities enable it to offer customers parallel testing of automotive products to provide much faster time to market Presto Engineering offers a fast track programme at its test hub in Normandy, France,...
battery cell testing

Battery Cell Test Solutions Accelerate Electric Car Adoption

BMW has selected Keysight's Scienlab automotive battery test systems to equip their test laboratories, looking forward to enabling an e-mobility future   Keysight Technologies has announced a new collaboration between the BMW Group, a manufacturer of electrified...

Test and Measurement for Automotive Electronics

To ensure comfort and safety, the automobile industry needs proper T&M instruments. Automobile manufacturers must ensure customer comfort, well-being and safety. It cannot do that without proper test and measurement (T&M) instruments. Internal processes need...

LTE-V Interoperability Tests Make Connected Vehicles a Reality

Rohde & Schwarz and Huawei successfully perform LTE-V interoperability tests to make connected vehicles a reality  Rohde & Schwarz and Huawei have successfully tested the interoperability of LTE-V connected vehicles. The tests utilized the R&S CMW500...
emc test

Software for Swift and Reliable Measurement of Electromagnetic Disturbances

Rohde & Schwarz significantly increases the functionality of R&S ELEKTRA EMC test software to speed the development and certification of commercial, automotive and A&D products Rohde & Schwarz has introduced additional options for the existing R&S ELEKTRA...

Radar Test Solutions for the Autonomous Driving Era

With the rapid advances across the automotive radar technology, the capabilities of test and measurement systems must be continuously enhanced. Here we discuss some innovative test solutions launched in recent times by well-known T&M...
radome tester

Tester Quickly Evaluates Automotive Radomes and Bumpers

The R&S QAR is the ideal tool for quick and intuitive evaluation of 76 to 81 GHz automotive radomes and bumpers in R&D and production. Placement of radar sensors often involves compromises between vehicle design...

Test Solution for TC8 Automotive Ethernet Testing

Spirent and Rohde & Schwarz offer a fully integrated solution to provide a complete coverage of the TC8 ECU test specification for Automotive Ethernet ECU testing Automotive Ethernet will dominate future in-vehicle networks, since it enables...
power analyzer

High-precision Power Analyzer Paves Way For Highly-efficient EVs

Yokogawa boosts the measurement accuracy of its precision power analyzer to foster the development of highly-efficient electric vehicles and renewable energy systems The industry is speeding up the development of EVs, plug-in hybrid (electric) vehicles...
battery quality analyser

Quick Battery Quality Analyser For UPS Systems

KUSAM MECO unveils new KM 900 quick battery quality analysis solution designed for UPS systems Battery analyzers are used to tell that the battery needs to be charged or replaced so as to maintain backup...

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