clamp meter

Compact 3.5 Digit Clamp Meter With True RMS

Meco launches new 3.5 Digit 6600 counts TRMS Clamp Meter - R-2070C A clamp meter is a device that makes it easier and safer to measure current via a non-contact method. They are used across...
project based learning

Project Based Learning Solution Prepares Next gen Of Engineers

To become exceptional engineers, students need to be equipped with the right hands-on tools and learning resources. In order to prepare the next generation of scientists and engineers, test and measurement company NI has...

Data-Logging Software to Address Automotive Test Challenges

The newly launched software may help validate new and rapidly evolving technologies to keep pace with vehicle electrification and ADAS(Advanced driver-assistance systems), all without programming. National Instruments (NI) announced the launch of FlexLogger, a configuration-based...

Platform to Authenticate Design Through Automated Test System

A software-defined platform has been recently launched by National Instruments that helps accelerate the development and performance of automated test and automated measurement systems. The platform has been named NI Educational Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation...
spectrum analyzer

Spectrum Analyzer Combines Three Key RF Test instruments

Three most common and useful piece of test equipment used by radio frequency engineers are spectrum analyzer, signal generator, and vector network analyzer. The new R&S FPC spectrum analyzer FPC1500 from Rohde & Schwarz...

How To Capture A Signal Event/Glitch/Transient With An Oscilloscope?

Bad solder joints or malfunctioning components can lead to spikes and glitches and cause the circuit to fail. Watch this video to know how to capture a signal event/ glitch/transient to analyze faults using...

How To Choose The Right Oscilloscope?

Choosing the correct type of scope for your application is important. Some key pointers while making a selection can be how many signals you need to measure at once, their maximum and minimum amplitudes,...

Measuring AC Power With A $30 Oscilloscope

If you need only the basic oscilloscope functions and no fancy features of a heavy benchtop scope, here is a portable and super inexpensive (~$30) oscilloscope (DSO138) which can help you out. This video...

Analogue vs Digital Scopes (DSO, DPO, MSO, etc)

Nowadays, most engineers are tempted to use digital scopes since analog scopes are limited in performance. Not only this, there are a variety of digital scopes available. Check out this video to know the...

What is an oscilloscope? How to take measurements?

Want to visualize all those mysterious electrical signals! This video gives an introduction to oscilloscopes and shows you how to use the different controls on the front panel: screen, horizontal axis or timebase, vertical...

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