Boost Product Development With Innovative Design, Test Platform

Speed innovation with a design/test platform integrating design, test, measurement and analysis.


Helping engineers to accelerate innovation and deliver products with speed and quality, test company Keysight has unveiled PathWave, a software platform that integrates design, test, measurement and analysis. Providing customers with flexible and immediate access to the design and test tools they need, when they need them, the software helps overcome the challenges in product development throughout the product lifecycle from concept through manufacturing and deployment.

PathWave is an open, scalable, and predictive software platform that integrates hardware and software at every stage in the product development workflow.

“Most product development lifecycles are disconnected, presenting design and test challenges at every stage which slows innovation and product introductions,” said Jessy Cavazos, industry director, Test & Measurement, Frost & Sullivan.


The software platform will provide customers with flexible and immediate access to the design and test tools they need, when they need them. The interoperability of the design and test tools and advanced data management significantly speeds the product development cycle, eliminating the need to re-create individual measurements and test plans at each discrete stage of the process.

Key features of the platform:

  • Open. PathWave connects and integrates all design and test resources:
  • Scalable. PathWave offers flexible computing power that scales to meet varying workloads:
  • Predictive. PathWave provides powerful analytics tools for faster troubleshooting

PathWave offers many benefits for engineers such as: it allows them to allocate the right computing resources where and when needed, evaluate collected data to optimize workflow, ensure new hardware and software works with existing hardware to maximize ROI, predict bottlenecks and rapidly correct to ensure efficient workflow process, and review project status from anywhere to maintain completion commitments.

Additional product information is available at

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