Battery Cell Test Solutions Accelerate Electric Car Adoption

battery cell testing

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BMW has selected Keysight’s Scienlab automotive battery test systems to equip their test laboratories, looking forward to enabling an e-mobility future  

Keysight Technologies has announced a new collaboration between the BMW Group, a manufacturer of electrified vehicles worldwide, and Scienlab electronic systems, now part of Keysight Technologies.

As BMW Group has announced, the company is investing in a Battery Cell Competence Center in Munich, Germany. As part of this investment, BMW Group has selected Keysight’s Scienlab battery test systems to equip their test laboratories.


In addition to providing battery test systems, Keysight will provide services ranging from laboratory planning to laboratory management tools, which are designed to allow effective workflow management and operation.

“We have been working with the BMW Group for twelve years in a very constructive and inspiring atmosphere,” stated Dr. Michael Schugt, manager of Keysight’s Scienlab business. “We are proud to be part of this innovative project and greatly value BMW Group’s confidence in our competence.”

Competence Center for Battery Cells

The battery cell is the heart of the battery. It determines performance, energy content, charging capabilities and lifespan, thereby making a significant contribution to the performance of an electrified vehicle.

In the labs, research and prototyping facilities, which will make up the battery cell competence centre, specialist departments will analyse cell design and cell technology. They will also create prototypes of future battery cells, focusing on the chemical composition of the cells, use of different materials, how the cell behaves in critical or extremely cold conditions, charging and rapid-charging behaviour and evaluating cell sizes and forms. This in-house technological expertise is key to enhancing the battery, thereby enabling higher performance capabilities.

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