Audio Precision Releases 16 Channel PDM Module For MEMS Mics


Along with accurate inter-channel phase information, the module also supports microphone measurements in anechoic chambers

Audio Precision, a global leader in audio and electro-acoustic test instrumentation, has introduced a PDM (Pulse Density Modulation) 16 module for the APx500 Series audio analyzers. The new module offers simultaneous acquisition and measurement of up to 16 multiple channels for various PDM signals arriving from a MEMS microphone.

APx PDM 16 Module


Developers of mic array systems and other DSP-based multichannel audio acquisition applications rely on accurate representation of phase alignment of the input channels for improved algorithms in their designs.

Therefore, the PDM 16 comprises of an in-built input module, a sound-proof remote interface pod and an extension cable (for maintaining 10 metre signal integrity), that provide sample-accurate inter-channel phase information and critical data for MEMS mic arrays. PDM 16 synchronises the sampling of multiple channels to achieve a clear picture of phase relationship between them.

These features also allow PDM 16 for supporting microphone measurements in anechoic chambers. As an added feature, the module can provide up to 50 mA Vdd power supply to the device under test.

Integrated Audio Test

PDM 16 is part of an integrated audio test solution that leverages the power and flexibility of the APx500 audio measurement software and hardware. Along with PDM 16, APx500 Series analyzers can include modules for testing components or systems that also use interfaces ranging from analog to chip-level I2S and TDM protocols, Bluetooth or HDMI

“With today’s smart devices incorporating as few as three and as many as seven MEMS microphones, the ability to conduct simultaneous, multichannel test is critical for developers in evaluating their designs,” said Mike Flaherty, Audio Precision Chief Executive Officer. “Our PDM 16 module’s multichannel capability, acoustic test-friendly design, and ability to deliver sample-accurate inter-channel phase information make it the ideal measurement choice for MEMS mic designers and mic array developers alike.”

About MEMS Microphones

MEMS (micro-electromechanical system) microphones are extremely small microphones that are used in a wide range of applications and often use a PDM (pulse density modulation) signals as their digital output. Arranged either individually or in an array, these MEMS mics are present in smartphones, hearing aids, mobile computing and smart audio systems.

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