Anritsu Provides PIM Analysis Over Fiber and RF Spectrum From IQ Data


IQ Fiber Master™ MT2780A reduces test costs and time for deploying and maintaining LTE systems with CPRI front haul

Anritsu Company presents the IQ Fiber Master™ MT2780A multi-port CPRI-based RF and PIM analyzer that can perform true PIM analysis over fibre and RF spectrum results of IQ data. The MT2780A reduces test costs and time by providing field engineers, field technicians and third-party contractors a single instrument to conduct RF interference measurements and PIM troubleshooting on LTE-based systems using CPRI front haul infrastructure.

On-ground testing

The IQ Fiber Master leverages patented PIM and RF measurement capabilities for conducting ground tests and significantly reduce tower climbs. Field engineers and technicians can use the MT2780A to scan the uplink RF signals of a remote radio head (RRH) for in-band interference while simultaneously conduct PIM over CPRI measurements.


Supporting all Tier 1 LTE base station radio manufacturers, the single instrument solution can determine if KPIs are being affected by interference or PIM.

Analyzing CPRI IQ data allows users to view a radio’s uplink spectrum for interference troubleshooting. The IQ Fiber Master measures PIM over CPRI with four SFP inputs, as well as compares multiple bands and sectors. Measurements are performed on live-cell tower traffic signals, providing a unique method to conduct real-world testing that results in improved accuracy and no system downtime for the test. As measurements are derived from baseband IQ data, the IQ Fiber Master can make measurements on any frequency RRH, or combination of frequencies of the RRH, providing a very cost-effective solution.

Broad analysis and report

The IQ Fiber Master analysis results provide a full PIM diagnosis, such as reporting the presence of PIM, whether it is internal or external and the distance to PIM. Also, the unique and proprietary PIM heatmap instantly displays which transmitter contributes the most PIM. This collective diagnosis data shortens the entire PIM tracking exercise by providing field engineers and technicians the most probable location and cause of the issues.

For on-going monitoring, IQ Fiber Master can be installed at cell sites to conduct long-term PIM over CPRI measurements and provide analytical information. PIM-related problems like intermittent PIM occurring on specific days and times or changes in PIM due to base station load during the day can be measured in this configuration. Reports of the measurements can be generated and used for comparative analysis.

The IQ Fiber Master MT2780A also serves as a band-less PIM testing solution that can be a carrier’s first test tool when identifying an interference problem and its location. This helps to determine the most efficient course of action to follow.

All LTE bands are supported by IQ Fiber Master MT2780A.

The device is extremely compact and lightweight. It weighs only 1 kg (2.2 lbs.) and measures 185mm x133mm x 55mm (2.1 in x 7.3 in x 5.2 in).



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